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Products Kit Commercial Version Home Version
Golden Tee Golf - 2014 € 2.145,00 € 3.490,00 € 3.390,00
Silver Strike Bowling € 2.095,00 € 3.440,00 € 3.340,00
PowerPutt Minigolf € 2.045,00 € 3.390,00 € 3.290,00
USED GAMES – GTG 2010, SSB 2009, PP 2009 with coin mech. RM5 – Commercial Version Contact us

We offer compelling discounts and will collaborate with distributors.

Commercial Version - equipped with coin mech Comestero RM5 Evolution. They can be retrofitted with bill acceptor NV10 for any world currency or customized to the customer’s specifications.
Kit - all hardware and software needed to build the game on your own.
Prices do not include VAT 21%.
TV monitor not included.
Delivery covering Europe – price based on agreement.

Our products are certified for operations in E.U.